Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY Printable Wedding Invitations Available in My Shop!

I added several sets of DIY printable wedding invitations and response cards to my shop today!    These lovelies are perfect for a bride that wants gorgeous wedding invitations on a budget.  Check out my shop for more lovely wedding stationery!

Monday, January 14, 2013


Hello!  I am back from an incredible journey to Maui.  After having a fairly hectic and busy four months, it was a gift to take it easy for ten days with my sweet daughters and husband.  We enjoyed the sunshine, played on the beach, splashed in the waves and spent quality time with my husband’s family.   

I am adjusting to life back at home, and oh my I still haven’t finished unpacking! As time allows, I will add at least one or two wedding stationery sets to my shop this week.   

Stationery {Living Resume}

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wedding Stationery

I've been joyfully working on creating wedding invitations and photographing them for my shop!  I will be traveling for about three weeks over Christmas and the beginning of the new year, but I hope to have several sets ready for purchase when I return home!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nearly Two Years

It's nearing the two year mark.  Nearly two years without blogging.  Nearly two years of taking care of my sweet baby and now wild toddler.  Nearly two years since I closed my online stationery shop to adjust/perfect my business plan and create a better home/work/life balance.

I haven't stopped designing, nor have I perfected my business plan.  I have not lost any of my passion for nature, beauty, family, photography, stationery, travel and learning. I've had an amazing nearly two years that have been mostly filled with tons and tons of time with my two little girls.  They are both incredible little human beings. As some of you know, the first two years of a person's life are totally miraculous and I have had the luxury of (thanks to my husband) not missing a single milestone in either of my two daughter's lives.

Though my design life has not been my priority for some time, I am working to find a little more time, energy and space to devote to that part of myself.  A new friend asked me to show her some of my design and art work recently and I popped open my (dusty) blog.  It was incredible to look back at my simple stories and photographs.  As a designer, I am often seeking outside inspiration, but that day I looked at my blog in its imperfect, but lovely form, I inspired myself.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, May 20, 2011

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Grandpa & Sofia on the Tractor

May 15, 2011

I love this photo of my daughter and her grandpa, my dad. Sofia is the best combination of girly girl and tomboy. She loves pink, anything frilly, ruffles, jewelry, and dolls. She also wants to climb trees, pretend she is a ninja and run around with giant sticks batting at random objects.

Today we ventured to the country (to Grandpa & Grandma's house) and Sofia played with Grandpa's leeches and night crawlers, naming one leech Fred. She dug in the dirt and helped Grandma plant some vegetables in the garden. She helped her Daddy fix his car and got all greasy (in the adorable dress pictured above). The best part of her day was riding the tractor with Grandpa. She laughed and smiled and they were both totally full of love and joy. I will cherish this photo forever.

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