Friday, June 5, 2009


One of my favorite flowers in the Universe is the Peony. They are exquisite to look at, very delicate and oh so delightfully scented. I have five gigantic peony plants in my yard and savor EVERY SINGLE MOMENT that they bloom each year. I REFUSE to be out of town when they are blooming and spend as much time possible admiring their glory. Most of my peonies are in full bloom as I type this and I am very pleased.

Another of my favorite things is an antique blue Ball Mason jar. Mason jars make perfect vases and are very vesatile. They look stunning with a candle put inside in a dim lit room or as a porch light for a party. I also use antique Ball jars for storing lots of goodies, such as clothes pins, pens, and small art and craft supplies. You can find antique mason jars at most antique stores and often thrift stores, too!

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Michelle Lynn said...

I like your idea for the bell jars. Thanks for the apartment is still lacking pretty elements, but I think I will head to a thrift store to find some jars!

Love you!