Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Splashes

Sofia's first official day of summer break from preschool was mighty exciting around here. With a record temperature of 95 and no air conditioning in our house, we spent most of the day in the kiddie pool. Almost nothing makes my little mermaid happier than splashing and playing in the water and almost any amount of water will do.
A look back in time, shows my babe happily playing in her pool ahem…bucket of water (2 years ago, age appx. 20 months).


Jenny said...

Sofia sure looked like she had a good time. Boy does her hair get curly when it is wet! Andrew spent the afternoon in the pool too.

Michelle Lynn said...

Wow, she is all grown up...can't believe that was her just a few years ago. Love you girls!

Lottie Lou said...

Aww...I miss her mullet! Seriously cute pictures. And how do you live without the AC in this humidity? Yikes!