Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mr. Grayson

I just finished making the most adorable kitten for my little one's Easter basket! This was my first experience felting with needles and I enjoyed almost every second of it (except for the five or six times I stabbed my fingers with the barbed needle).

I hope to make more creatures for my Sofia and plan on making gnomes next. I found this awesome tutorial on how to make felted wool gnomes.


Lottie Lou said...

Oh Jess! It's SO cute! Sofia will love it.

BTW...your link to the tutorial isn't working.

Love you!

Michelle Lynn said...

I am in love with that little baby kitty! Please, please send me one sister! It is sooooo cute!

Jenny Moline said...

You did such a great job Jess. I am soooo impressed!