Friday, March 20, 2009

Naturally Dying Easter Eggs

My Sofia and I dyed Easter eggs using goodies that we found in our kitchen. First, we blew out the eggs by creating two small holes in either end of the egg. Then we pressed our lips to each egg and forced the contents out of the eggs with our powerful lungs. It is not a glamorous task, but allows you to display your eggs for a much longer amount of time. Removing the contents from within the egg shell also allows for more versatility with the eggs. For example, you could create an egg garland with your shells. We are displaying our eggs in a glass vase upon our mantle.

We dyed our eggs using vinegar, warm water, old glass jars, blueberries, beets and mangoes. Our egg dying process is strictly experimental and we did not follow any guidelines. We added our foods to jars along with a splash of vinegar in each one. Then we placed our eggs in the jars along with hot water. We left our eggs overnight and were surprised by some of the results. The egg colors are very earthy and mellow. My favorites are the eggs dyed by blueberries. My least favorite eggs are the ones dyed with beets. I left the skin on the beets, which is why I think the eggs turned brownish, instead of pink.

If you would like more information on naturally dying Easter eggs click here.

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Michelle Lynn said...

Wow, these are pretty! Much better than last year!

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