Saturday, January 23, 2010

Setting up Shop!

I am thrilled to announce that I am opening an Etsy store to sell my hand-drawn greeting cards, custom invitations and more.

I will have a grand opening celebration soon (check back often) and I will be offering FREE goodies and other special promotions.

On the right side of, you may notice a little preview of some of the items that I will be selling in my store! Many more products will be listed over the span of the next few days and weeks.


simplicity said...

Hey Jessica, it's Samara! Found your blog awhile ago through Annie's though I think I saw it once through your facebook too. Could be wrong though! Your stuff for Etsy looks great. Do you do business cards at all because I am in the market for those and would love to use someone both local and that I know!! Shoot me an email if you're interested! Hope your well! Your daughter is gorgeous!

Lottie Lou said...

Love your new Etsy shop! Congratulations on the grand opening. Your paper goods are gorgeous!

Jessica Wood said...

Annie - I am hoping you have some Etsy tips for me, since you are a pro now!

Love you!

KrissiandMatt said...

So exciting! I love all of your designs. Seriously, you are amazing.